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Leading AI Detection Capabilities

Discover unparalleled accuracy and ease with our tool, trusted by experts for superior AI content identification.

AI Detection Highlighting

Highlights each AI-written sentence, showing the percentage of AI used in the text visually.

High Detection Accuracy

Engineered for unmatched precision, our tool accurately identifies AI-generated content efficiently.

Intuitive User Interface

Designed for ease of use, our intuitive interface ensures a smooth, straightforward user experience.

Instant Detection, No Sign-Up Needed

Begin identifying AI-generated content right away without any account setup.

Guaranteed Privacy

Your submissions stay confidential. We never store or share your data.

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Powerful AI Detection for Accurate Content Identification

Our ai checker provides comprehensive coverage of various AI models, enabling us to identify AI-generated content created by ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, Claude and other similar models. We continuously train our system to detect new models like GPT4 automatically, ensuring that our AI detector stays up-to-date with the latest AI technology advancements.

Our powerful algorithms ensure that even the most complex AI-generated content can be recognized with high accuracy, providing dependable security against dangerous or fraudulent AI-generated content. With ongoing upgrades and training, our AI detection system is at the cutting edge of AI technology, keeping your company ahead of any threats.

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In-Depth, Detailed Analysis

Ai detector is a content analysis tool that provides comprehensive insights into the contents of a document. uses advanced algorithms to analyze the text and identify the percentage of AI-generated content in every paragraph and sentence.

The ai checker also highlights the AI-generated content in different colors to make it easier to identify. Additionally, the tool provides detailed reports that include the percentage of AI-generated content in each sentence and a summary of the text's overall AI-generated content.

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Use Cases

Who Benefits from Detecting AI

Explore the advantages that AI detection offers across different sectors.

Students: Submit Your Papers with Confidence

Our AI Detector helps you follow university guidelines for essay and paper submissions.

  • Verify Your Sources: Be sure your information comes from reliable places
  • Catch AI-Generated Content: Make sure anything written by tools like ChatGPT is correctly cited.
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Educators: Ensure Student Work is Original

With the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, it's important to:

  • Analyze Student Writing: Verify that submitted work is their own.
  • Foster Academic Honesty: Make sure anything written by tools like ChatGPT is correctly Build a classroom culture that values originality.
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Bloggers: Avoid Search Penalties, Boost Your Content

Publish Original, High-Quality Work.

  • Scrutinize Guest Posts : Verify that submitted work is their ownCheck external content for AI-generation or plagiarism before it goes live.
  • Offer Unique Value: Stand out from the crowd with content that engages your readers.
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Researchers: Safeguard Your Work's Integrity

Ensure your findings are based on authentic sources and unbiased data.

  • Identify AI-manipulated data or falsified research.
  • Verify the originality of citations and source materials.
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Businesses: Protect Your Reputation

Maintain trust and avoid the risks of AI-generated content.

  • Analyze customer reviews and online feedback for authenticity
  • Protect against AI-generated spam or fraudulent content
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is Detecting-AI?

After analyzing over 1 billion articles and texts, including those generated by AI and those written by humans, we have developed an algorithm for detecting AI-generated content. Our detecting-ai algorithm boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 98% in text detection.

However, our commitment to improvement remains unwavering. We are continuously working to enhance the accuracy of our algorithm as AI technology evolves.

2. Will my text be at risk of plagiarism or being made available online if I check it on

At, we prioritize the privacy of our users. When you input and check your text on our platform, rest assured that your text will not be saved, shared, or made available online.

We maintain strict confidentiality and do not utilize your text to train our AI detection model. Your content remains secure and private throughout the detection process.